Statement of Ideas – Ummatic Innovation Initiative

The future of Islam is significantly depending on the qualities of Muslim individuals, communities and organizations. While we concur that Islam is revealed as a complete and perfect teaching for mankind, it depends very much on how Muslim society deals with dynamic, systemic yet radical changes from various dimensions of human affairs. In other word, we will never innovate Islam, yet we need to innovate Muslim society at large.


Moreover, as we gradually leap through the first quarter of the century, the need for Muslim societies that embrace this century multifaceted challenges through innovation appear to be demanding and sought after than ever. Muslim society must bring itself at the center-stage of post globalization era by playing active roles in leading critical areas of human endeavors including education, women empowerment, sustainable development, post digital economy, healthcare, sciences and social entrepreneurship.

Therefore, we would like start this Ummatic Innovation Initiative to spur conversation and discourse in the view of civilizational renewal of innovation leaning Muslim society.

We would like to invite similar minded individuals like you to contribute in any manner possible through series of conversations, writings and projects. Yes, we know this is a gigantic task to be shouldered on us.

Let us start small and start moving the mountain!

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